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If you actually read the entire article you will save money, have less irritation, be smarter and satisfied with your new torch!

So you’re interested in possibly purchasing a new metal cutting torch but you’re not sure what to buy. Afterall there is only about a 100 different brands all claiming they are “heavy duty” right? I was a welder for many years and I have a few suggestions and tips for you when you are shopping around to find the best cutting torch to suite your needs.


The Best Cutting Torch

I am going to let you in on a secret right of that bat here since I am such a nice guy… Ready? Set? I am only going to say this once!

Your regulators are just as important as the cutting torch you buy!


I can’t stress this enough! Having quality regulators will provide you with several different things that are oh so important to you being able to cut metal versus melting it into glob. Quality regulators allow for proper gas pressure. Not being able to finely regulate your oxygen and acetylene pressures will keep you from making quality hassle free cuts. Fluctuations is gas pressure will cause the flame type and temperature to change leaving you irritated.

I have never personally witnessed an accident or tragedy during my welding career thankfully but I think safety is worth a mention here. Common sense tells me that the $29.99 variety of regulators controlling flammable and combustible gases are not as safe as the better quality more expensive regulators.

What are your needs?

As you may or may not know a cutting torch is capable of welding and extreme heating in addition to cutting. You can simply change out tips in order to have these capabilities. Something you should consider before buying a torch is what you will want to do with it now and in the future.

I say this because it is almost always cheaper to purchase a kit or package rather than the individual components separately. Every try to buy a 3/4″ socket alone? Get my point?

Quality vs Cheap

For the sake of argument let’s say you are using quality regulators.  The difference between the way a a quality torch and a cheap torch cuts is this.

Picture of a quality cutting torch vs a bad cutting torch.

The above images of torch cuts were captured in a specialized testing facility, conducted in a secure undisclosed area, by a third party cutting torch testing organization overseen by very important people in suits. Ok would you believe I used microsoft paint?

Here is some real information. During my career as a welder I have made a ton of torch cuts and only got better with time as you would expect. I was invited over to a friends house to help him fabricate some parts for a model A Ford he was restoring. Long story short I had to cut some parts and I was astonished at how bad I was cutting. Up until that point I had never used a low quality torch set up.

In my opinion a quality torch really does make a difference!

List of The Best Cutting Torches

Most of the cutting torches listed below do not include gas bottles, you can find oxygen and acetylene bottles at your local welding supply store. I suggest not buying your own bottles in most cases because they have to be inspected every so often and this is not only a pain but also expensive. The smaller bottles also run out quickly but are easily portable! You will have to decide what works best for you though.

1) Victor, Complete Cutting Torch Kit (Professional Grade/Heavy Duty)

Picture of Victor Cutting Torch, complete with regulators, hoses, torch, cutting tip and welding tip.


Victor is well known for manufacturing some of the best cutting torches for professional welders and metal workers. This kit gives you everything you need to start cutting and torch welding except gas bottles.

  • 20 foot oxygen/acetylene hoses
  • Quality Regulators
  • Torch body
  • Cutting tip
  • Welding tip
  • Striker
  • Cutting goggles

This is a real cutting torch and not a toy! You can expect to be able to cut metal up to 1/2″ and weld metal up to 1/8″ thickness. You can also purchase additional cutting and welding tips if you need to cut or weld thicker metal. The regulators are of excellent quality and will supply you with a consistent and safe pressure.

I would recommend this cutting torch kit to anyone that appreciates quality tools, will be cutting frequently or needs a torch capable of making smooth continuous cuts.

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2) Victor, Complete Cutting Torch Kit (Medium Duty)

Picture of Victor Cutting Torch Medium Grade with accessories.This is torch kit is a step down from the professional grade I listed as #1.  The only bonus to purchasing this kit over the other is that the cost is often a little lower and you get a rosebud tip with it. The rosebud tip is used for heating metal, bending parts and preheat treatment.

  • 13 foot oxygen/acetylene hoses (shorter than the professional grade)
  • Torch body
  • Cutting, welding and rosebud tips
  • Medium duty regulators
  • Striker
  • Cutting googles

This is a fine choice for someone that wants a decent torch that will not be used on a daily basis.

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3) Hot Max Cutting Torch, Victor Style (Medium Duty)

Picture of the best cheap cutting torch by hot max.

Hot Max is a lesser known brand but this particular cutting torch is a quality product. If you are only looking for a new torch and don’t want to spend a ton then you may want to check this out.

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