The Best MIG Welding Gloves

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List Of The Best MIG Welding Gloves

1) John Tillman and Co 50L – Top Grain Leather MIG Gloves

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These are arguably the best MIG welding gloves hands down. The have enough dexterity to allow you to pick up tools but also offer enough protection from heat and burns. Overall they are very comfortable to wear and have a nice supple feel to them. The cuff is about four inches long and provides enough protection to the wrist area.

  • Quality construction, seams are stitched with Kevlar
  • Elastic near the wrist area keeps these gloves in place and snug to your hands
  • Seamless forefinger
  • Reinforced leather palm


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2) Miller 263343 – Arc Armor MIG Welding Glove

Picture of MIG welding gloves made by miller.

These MIG welding gloves by Miller could very well take first place. They offer excellent protection and offer a lot of dexterity. I will say that I think these MIG gloves offer a little more heat protection than the Tillman gloves listed above. This comes at a small expense of dexterity. In the end I think it really comes down to application and personal preference. I have also listed these gloves in The Best Stick Welding Gloves also as they are suitable for both processes.

  • Stitched with flame-resistant Kevlar thread
  • Very comfortable, ergonomic and have great dexterity
  • Double layered palm area
  • Great for MIG and Stick welding, NOT TIG
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3) Revco BM88XL – Black Stallion Pigskin MIG Welding Glove

Picture of MIG welding Gloves made by Revco.

These MIG welding gloves fit very snug but do not restrict your movement. You will have plenty of dexterity to pick up tools but they do not protect you from extended high temperature as long as other gloves will. The comfort level of these MIG gloves is outstanding and the elastic wrist band keeps the gloves from riding down on your hand.

  • Padded and reinforced palm area
  • Kevlar stitching
  • Good quality construction
  • No break in period


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4) US Forge 400 – Economy MIG Welding Gloves

Picture of the best cheap MIG welding gloves

For an “economy” MIG welding glove or even an all around welding glove these are pretty good. You are definitely getting more quality with these gloves than you would ever expect at such a low price point. If you have to supply welding gloves to multiple people, are trying to save money or are looking for a throw away type of welding glove this is probably your best bet.

  • Cotton lined
  • Quality Leather
  • Acceptable for MIG and Stick welding
  • Low price point


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Tips for choosing MIG welding Gloves

Remember to keep what you do on a daily basis on your mind when shopping for a new pair of welding gloves. Do you do a lot of overhead welding? Are you using multiple process? Select your gloves based on what you do and your personal preference.

Don’t use your welding gloves as work gloves! Handling sharp objects, getting oil or grease on them and abusing them will only shorten their lifespan. Keep a few pairs of cheap work gloves with you for those dirty jobs.