The Best Stick Welding Gloves

Picture of the best stick welding gloves, beat the heat without sacrificing dexterity.

List Of The Best Stick Welding Gloves


1) Miller 263343 – Arc Armor Stick Welding Gloves

Picture of the best stick welding gloves made by Miller Welding."

Miller got these gloves right and are by far the best stick welding gloves that I have worn. They offer a excellent protection from burns and heat even while welding overhead when your stick has burned short. What I always found annoying about stick welding gloves is that they never had enough dexterity to allow me to easily pick up a welding rod easily. This is where these welding gloves really shine above most if not all others, protection with dexterity.

  • Very comfortable and more flexible than most stick welding gloves
  • Can double as MIG welding gloves – NOT an option for TIG welding
  • Excellent quality, holds up and remains comfortable. Wool backed.
  • Made with cowhide leather
  •  All seams are stitched with flame resistant Kevlar


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2) Caiman 1878 – 21-Inch Deerskin Stick Welding Glove with Boarhide Leather Heat Shield

Picture of stick welding gloves for overhead welding, 4g.

Okay so these are not your standard stick welding gloves but they are very handy if you have a full shift of overhead welding, cutting or gouging. Another thing I found these stick welding gloves handy for is reaching into deeper holes or openings since the cuff won’t get caught on the way back out. They offer a ton of protection and are decent quality.

  •  Made from deerskin, pigskin and all seams are stitched with Kevlar
  •  Excellent for overhead stick welding and cutting
  • 21 inch gauntlet with adjustment
  • Enough Dexterity to pick up rods
  • Can double as MIG gloves



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3) Revco 850L  – Elkskin Stick Welding Gloves, Nomex Lined

Picture of revco stick welding gloves.

Revco/Black Stallion really hit the mark with these welding gloves, they could take the number one spot for the best stick welding gloves easily. Elk Skin is very soft and a little more flexible than cowhide. This gives you the abilty to be very flexible and will allow you to pick up a welding road fairly easily. These gloves are very similar to the Tillman 850n.

  • The cuffs are 6 inches long
  • All seams are Kevlar stitched
  • Nomex lining
  • Best for stick or MIG welding


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4) Lincoln Electric Traditional Stick Welding Glove

Picture of Lincoln stick welding gloves.

These may not be the best stick welding gloves but they are decent. I found that it is harder to pick up a welding rod with these gloves on than my number one pick. They do offer good protection and are what I would consider a basic stick welding glove.

  • Very tough gloves – You can expect these gloves to last a long time.
  • Made from cow leather
  • Stitched with Kevlar
  • Basic stick welding gloves



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5) US Forge 400 Welding Gloves Lined Leather  – Good quality at economy prices!

Picture of the best cheap stick welding gloves

These are not the end all be all stick welding gloves but they are priced cheaply and are a decent quality glove. I like them for the shear fact I can abuse them as needed and not worry about the cost. They do not offer a ton of dexterity but they are fairly comfortable and well made for the price.

  • Cotton lined
  • Double stitched
  • Highly protective against heat and UV light
  • Economically prices
  • Decent quality


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What to look for when buying the best stick welding gloves

When you are shopping for your stick welding gloves it is important to keep in mind what you do on a daily basis when you are welding. Are you working in a shop where most of your work is in the flat position? Are you working factory shutdowns and doing a lot of overhead welding? Sometimes it is best to keep several pairs of stick welding gloves with you for different situations.

Another thing to keep in mind that your welding gloves should be just that, welding gloves. Your welding gloves should not be used as general work gloves. Grease, oil and tears will quickly destroy your welding gloves. It is best to keep a few pairs of regular work gloves with you for non welding related tasks.