The Best Welding Gloves

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The Best Welding Gloves

Find the best welding gloves that work for you.


The Best TIG Welding Gloves

Manual dexterity is important when you are TIG welding. You need to feel and control what you are doing. Take a look at some of the most comfortable and pliable TIG welding gloves that still offer protection from burns.

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The Best Stick Welding Gloves

So you like it down and dirty? There is nothing like stick welding in my humble opinion… It’s the fundamental welding processes that almost everyone started with. Whether you are welding pipe or 4G overhead plate I have some great recommendations on where to find the best stick welding gloves. Please throw out those crusty burnt up leather gloves!

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The best MIG Welding Gloves

So your wire feed type of guy. Whether you are welding sheet metal, production welding or patching up grandpas lawnmower I have some of the best MIG welding gloves that offer excellent protection while still letting you feel the trigger.

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Tips for choosing the best welding gloves


Work gloves are not welding gloves and welding gloves are not work gloves

If you are a welder then you most likely do more than just welding. It is important to keep in mind that your welding gloves are not for handling greasy pipe, working with sharp objects or doing other tasks not related to welding.

The best welding gloves are engineered to withstand heat while providing manual dexterity. Small cuts, oils and grease will quickly destroy your gloves so use them for their intended purpose, welding!!! It is important to keep a couple pairs of cheap work gloves with you on the job.


Choose the best welding gloves for you, MIG, TIG or Stick

If you do a lot of 4G/overhead stick welding then you are not going to want to use light or medium duty MIG welding glove. Each type of welding glove is made for specific welding processes. The best TIG welding gloves offer less heat protection but offer high flexibility and manual dexterity.

If you have a special application that you are welding you may want to consider wearing two different types of welding gloves.


Best type of leather for welding gloves

Here is just a brief overview of some of the characteristics that particular types of leather offer. Leather is a complex subject and you can find more information about leather here.

  • Cow Leather – Depending on the grade this is a very durable and heat resistant leather.
  • Pigskin – This is a very oil resistant leather.
  • Deerskin – Very comfortable, flexible and offers a lot of dexterity. Somewhat heat resistant.
  • Goatskin – Very similar to deer skin.
  • Elkskin – This is a very lightweight leather.


The best TIG welding gloves

TIG welding often encomposes the need for a lot of fine work. Manual dexterity and flexibility are very important when working making complex welds on alloys or thin metals. You will see all different kinds of material being advertised as the best type of leather for welding gloves.

A lot of this just doesn’t make that much of a difference and comes down to personal preference and trial an error. Most of the best TIG welding gloves are either made from high grade cowhide, deerskin or goatskin.


The best Stick welding gloves

The best stick welding gloves should offer a lot of heat protection and also contact protection. As you know falling slag and sparks are common particularly when welding in the overhead position. You also are exposed to a lot of heat as the stick gets shorter.

Manual dexterity becomes less important than heat/burn protection when stick welding. Cheap quality stick welding gloves often leave almost no dexterity though and it can be hard to pick up welding rods. Finding a balance of both worlds is important.


The best MIG welding gloves

If you are primarily a MIG welder or FCAW welder you may be in a production type facility or in a position where you move or handle a lot of material. You will want to find a MIG welding glove that allows for a good amount of flexibility and dexterity while also remaining fairly heat resistant.

The best MIG welding gloves are often what is considered a medium weight glove. If you are welding very thick metal with multiple passes you may want to move up to a heavy weight MIG welding glove, at least on your non-trigger hand.