Best Welding Pants

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We all have work jeans since we are in a dirty business. Why not have work pants that are made for welding? When you think of welding pants you might think of those green type jeans, like the same material cotton welding jackets are made from. I really do not care for them so I tried several different types of welding pants. Below you will find a wide variety of the best welding pants.

Please note that the below welding pant are fire resistant and not fireproof like Nomex. The blow welding pants will not want to burn like frayed blue jeans.


List Of The Best Welding Pants and Jeans

1) Carhartt, Flame Resistant Jeans,  Relaxed Fit

Picture of the best welding pants made by Carhartt.

The only bad thing I can say about these welding pants is that they always run a little small. I always order one inch larger than my size. Please also note they they do not shrink much when you wash them. As you would expect with any Carhartt branded work clothes the quality is excellent. These are the best welding pants and really can take a punishment.

  • These welding pants meet NFPA 2112 regulations and NFPA 70E.
  • They have a HRC 2 label sewn onto the jeans in case this is required by your employer.
  • The comfort level is amazing and they are 100% fire retardant cotton.
  • They have a million sizes. I recommend ordering one inch bigger.
  •  You can machine wash them but don’t use fabric softener.
  • These welding pants will fit over your boots easily
  • All of the main seams are double stitched and the button is non-conductive


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 2) Wrangler, Workwear Jeans Flame Resistant,  Relaxed Fit
Picture of Wrangler Welding Jeans that are fire resistant.

I have not tried these welding pants but they have crazy good reviews on Amazon and I know that Wrangler has a huge following.

  • Meets NFPA 70E, ASTM 1506 and OSHA Rule 1910.269 Standards. NFPA 2112 Compliant.
  • These welding jeans are 100% cotton
  • The bottom is large enough to accommodate larger work boots
  • All seams are triple needle stitched
  • The tread used to stitch all seams in Nomex.
  • High quality with reasonable pricing.




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3) Dickies Flame-Resistant Duck Carpenter Jeans, Straight Leg

Picture of Dickies Welding pants.

Dickies is another trusted brand but usually seems to take a backseat to Carhartt for some reason. I have owned several of these welding pants and thought the quality was excellent. They are straight leg but did not find them restricting or to tight at the bottom.

  • These welding pants are 100% cotton and fire resistant
  • They have a nice tool pocket on the side that is great for holding your soapstone.
  • Good quality brass zipper, covered fly for added protection
  • Relaxed style fit, room to bend and stretch





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4) MCR Safety – Split Cow Leather Welding Chaps

Picture of welding chaps.

These are not welding pants but they are the best alternative and are an excellent product. These welding chaps offer excellent protection, are comfortable and easy to get on and off.

The back has a series of quick lock buckles that are easily adjustable to any size. The chaps are 100% leather and all of the seams are reinforced with heavy duty rivets.

  • All stitches are 100% Kevlar.
  • The size is very adjustable and will fit most people.
  • Adjustable straps are very long. I suggest trimming the excess off if you’re not a really big guy.
  • The leather is thick, heavy duty. This is great as they last a long time and offer a ton of protection. They can be warm though if you are working in very hot weather.
  • Total weight is about 2.5 pounds





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