Best Welding Sleeves

Picture stating "the best welding sleeves, comfort without compromising safety."


Below you will find a number of the best welding sleeves that I have used over the years. They are an excellent choice for production welders and other specific applications. I also have a number of reviews about welding gloves, jackets and other welding clothing.


List Of The Best Welding Sleeves

1) Lincoln Electric – Flame-Resistant Welding Sleeves (Recommended for TIG & MIG/FCAW)

Picture of the best welding sleeves made by Lincoln Electric.

These welding sleeves are very lightweight and offer good protection from burns and UV light if you are TIG or MIG welding. You can stick weld with them but I personally prefer a little more protection than these sleeves offer. These welding sleeves are made from 100% cotton flame resistant material. There is no leather on these at all.

  • Economically priced for the quality
  • One size fits all
  • Very comfortable to wear and lightweight
  • Elastic at the top and bottom of each sleeve


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2) West Chester 7020 – Leather Sleeves with Snap Closure (Recommended for all processes)

Picture of a pair of leather welding sleeves.

These are the best welding sleeves for anyone that requires significant heat and burn protection. They are priced competitively with non leather sleeves and of the highest quality. Each sleeve is about 18 inches long, sewn with heat resistant Kevlar thread and is also riveted to prevent the seams from ever coming apart.

  • Adjustable snap style buttons so you get a good fit
  • Will cover the average man from wrist to shoulder
  • 100% cowhide leather
  • High Quality for such a low price point
  • Comfortable
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3) Miller 231096 – Hybrid Sleeves Leather/Cotton

Picture of MIller welding sleeves with leather and cotton, hybrid sleeve.

These are Millers best welding sleeves in my opinion. They are a hybrid sleeve meaning that they have a leather bottom with a fire resistant cotton top. They are 21 inches long which allows coverage from the wrist to the shoulder. They are very comfortable and help in place with elastic bands.

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Lower sleeve is made from supple pigskin
  •  Easy on and off
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4) Caiman 1878-5 – 21-Inch Deerskin Welding Glove with Boarhide Heat Shield

Picture of long sleeved welding gloves.

These are welding gloves with long sleeves, like welding sleeves and gloves combined. These welding gloves/sleeves are about 21 inches long and are of the best quality. They are heavy enough for overhead stick welding and have enough dexterity where you can pick up a welding rod fairly easily. No break in period is needed as they are soft and pliable out of the box. The top of the sleeve has an adjustable band that can be adjusted to any size.

  • All seams sewn with heat resistant Kevlar
  • 21 inches long
  • Great for Stick and MIG welding
  • Reinforced palm area



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Welding Sleeve Information

Welding sleeves are an excellent alternative to wearing a full welding jacket or cape. They offer excellent protection to the shoulder level and allow you to have unrestricted movement while remaining cool and lightweight.


Choosing the right type of welding sleeves

Choosing the right type of welding slave all depends on the type of welding you are doing and the type of work environment you are working. The cloth sleeves offer excellent protection for TIG welding as well as light MIG welding. If you are doing heavier welding with longer passages then you may want to go to either a hybrid leather/cloth sleeve or a full leather slave. These sleeves are excellent for stick welding and heavy MIG welding.


Cost benefit

Another benefit to wearing only welding sleeves is that the cost is much less than full length welding jackets. Oftentimes you will find welding sleeves only cost about 20% of a full leather welding jacket.

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