Welding Career Information

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My welding career information page contains everything you need to know to get started in the welding career field.


Welding Career Information


How To Become A Welder

A step by step guide on How To Become A Welder. Learn about everything from what type of personality it takes to be a good welder.

How To Become A WelderClick Here


How Much Welders Make

A real world look at how much welders make. See examples of where to find high paying welding  jobs and what salary to expect.

Real World Welder SalariesClick Here


Types Of Welding Jobs

Learn about different types of welding jobs and industries that utilize welders.

Types Of Welding JobsClick Here


Welding Certification Information

This is a complete guide to welding certification. Learn about what a certification really means, why it is important and how the certification process works.

Welding Certification InformationClick Here


Underwater Welding Schools

Learn about the best underwater welding and commercial diving schools.

Underwater Welding School InformationClick Here

Welding School and Training Information

Tons of information about welding schools including a National Welding School Directory, The Top Welding Schools, Tips For Choosing a Welding School, School Cost and More!

Welding School InformationClick Here