Welding Clothing Reviews


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After spending many years working as a welder in several different industries I found some great products and not so great products. You can find in depth reviews about quality products below.

Welding Gloves

Find the best welding gloves for MIG, TIG and Stick welding.

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Welding Boots

Tired of you laces being burned off? Looking for a comfortable welding boots without the high cost?

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Welding Jackets

Full leather, half leather or no leather. See which welding jacket will work best for you!

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Welding Sleeves

Wanting protection without the discomfort of a full jacket? Try a pair of the best welding sleeves.

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Welding Pants

Ever have the frays on your jeans catch on fire? Let’s solve this problem today with a pair of the best welding pants!

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Welding Blankets

Not for napping… Well they could be! The best welding blankets.

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