Welding School Information

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Below you will find welding school information that covers a wide verity of topics.

Welding School Information

National Welding School Directory

Simply follow this link, select your state and you can veiw every welding school in your state.

Welding School DirectoryClick Here


The Top Welding Schools (USA)

Find out which welding schools are the best and what makes them a top rated welding school.

Top Welding SchoolsClick Here


Underwater Welding Schools

Interested in underwater welding? Take a look at underwater welding schools and commercial diving schools.

Underwater Welding SchoolsClick Here


Tips For Choosing A Welding School

Don’t waste your money on a bad welding school! Learn what to look for in a quality welding school and get a free school checklist!

Tips For Choosing A Quality Welding SchoolClick Here


Welding School Cost

Wonder how much welding school will cost you? Find out here!

Welding School CostClick Here


How Long Is Welding School

Learn about how long welding school programs and what length of program may be right for you.

Welding School LengthClick Here