Welding Schools In Connecticut

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Our list of welding schools in Connecticut offers a variety of options in welding education. Be sure to do your due diligence in researching any welding school that you intened on pursuing. Our site, Class One Welding has no affiliation with any of the schools listed below. If you would like a welding school or educational center added to our Connecticut list please contact us or leave a comment at the bottom of the page!

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List of Welding Schools In Connecticut

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Lincoln Tech

97 Newberry Rd

East Windsor, CT 06088

Phone:(860) 688-3353

Lincoln tech is a solid welding school that will cover stick welding, MIG welding, flux cord welding and TIG welding. You will work with a variety of base metals also including carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel. In the classroom you will learn how to read blueprints and other technical knowledge needed to further your career as a welder. Pipe welding as well as structural steel welding will be covered during your time at Lincoln tech. After completing the welding program you should have the necessary skills to pass an AWS or ASME welding certification.

Bristol TEC

431 Minor St

Bristol, CT 06010

Phone: (860) 584-8433


Naugatuck Valley Community College

750 Chase Pkwy

Waterbury, CT 06708

Phone:(203) 575-8000

Other Options: Welding Training In Connecticut – Welding Apprenticeships

Welding school may not be an option for you for a number of reasons. If money is a concern you will most likely be able to get a student loan, pell grant or other financial aid assistance to get into a Connecticut welding school. If money is not the problem then I have a few other places you can get welding training in Connecticut for free.

An apprenticeship with the boilermakers or iron workers Union is a great way to get hands-on and classroom training while being paid. You’ll learn a variety of great skills including welding, rigging, pipefitting and safety related knowledge.

Apprenticeships generally last about 4 to 5 years and you will receive a pay raise after completing each year of the apprenticeship. After your apprenticeship is completed you will be what is called a journeyman. Journeyman wages can reach as high as $30 per hour and also includes no-cost health insurance and other great benefits.

A welding apprenticeship is often a great option for people that do not want to attend welding school or invest the money it takes to complete a welding program.

Ironworkers Local 424

15 Bernhard Road

New Haven, CT 06473-3906

Phone: (203) 787-4154


Boilermakers Local 237

297 Burnside Avenue

East Hartford, CT 06108

Phone: 860.528.9087